Essential Baby Shower Gift Guide

I was very blessed during my first pregnancy as I received a lot of practical gifts and ‘experienced-mom’ to ‘first-time-mom’ advice (it was needed, as I was completely clueless) and so, when my sister found out she was pregnant with her first little girl, I was determined to give her as many practical gifts and advice as possible. Shortly before her recent baby shower, however, I found myself in a baby clothing store (while out on a supposed grocery shopping trip), with a huge basket full of the cutest little baby clothes. I simply could not help myself – it was all just so adorable! And it was all so impractical!

I am a mom and I know what moms with newborns need and it definitely is not that enchanting little tutu (as cute as it seems). Becoming a mom for the first time and trying to figure out what exactly this new baby will need is overwhelming, to say the least, and it is up to moms to give gifts and advice based on their own experiences, gifts which we know this new mom will need and use. I have therefore put together a list of ideal baby shower gifts:

Must-Have Essential Baby Shower Gifts

  • Digital Fever Thermometer – not being able to read your baby’s temperature is scary!
  • Baby movement monitor
  • Toiletries – be practical here and buy unscented, organic products. Not all baby skin types are the same and some react very badly to the perfumed (‘but they smell so nice’) baby products on the market. Also stay away from baby powder unless you want the new mom to use it to ‘freshen up’ her unwashed hair
  • Medical necessities – products for a blocked nose, fever etc
  • Towels and face cloths
  • Blankets, swaddles and ideally a sleeping bag
  • Muslin cloths – these make amazing swaddles, light blankets, burp cloth etc
  • Burp cloths and bibs
  • Grooming kit – containing nail clippers, hair brush etc
  • Diapers – buy a variety of types and sizes so that the mom-to-be can try them all before deciding on a brand she prefers (she might even prefer modern cloth nappies)
  • Wet wipes
  • Practical clothing such as socks, baby grows and clothing in bigger sizes and consider the baby’s age during winter, summer, spring and autumn

Cute Baby Shower Gifts

  • Milestone Cards – these are great for capturing those special moments
  • Something handmade and from the heart – the best gifts are those knitted or crocheted blankets, jerseys, booties and cuddly toys
  • Cute babygrows – because babygrows are always practical and often come with the loveliest sayings
  • Books for mom and child

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

  • Bottle and food warmer
  • Steriliser
  • Safety products for baby proofing – for example, plug covers, safety gates etc
  • Feeding utensils such as bowls, spoons, food freezer trays, sippy cups etc
  • Baby food recipe book
  • Diaper bag
  • Bottles & pacifiers – again, be practical and buy one bottle brand at a time so that the mom-to-be can decide which bottle works best for her baby
  • Breastfeeding essentials such a nipple cream and breast pads
  • Breastfeeding pillow and shawl
  • Disposable change mats
  • Disposable bibs
  • Nappy Sacks

Nice-To-Have Baby Shower Gifts

  • Feeding chair / high chair
  • Baby rocker
  • Mobile camp cot
  • Baby bath
  • Play mat
  • Mobile
  • Toys
  • Teething toys


Ingenious Gift Ideas for Infants & Toddlers

My Bean is turning 1 soon (too soon) and I have been racking my brain over the last couple of weeks as to what to get him as a gift. Being his parents, I want us to get him something special and unique and not simply another ‘run of the mill’ gift from a shop. I have therefore done some research on educational gifts which are unique and different. Being a work from home mom myself, I also want to support fellow momtrepreneurs and all the gift ideas listed below are thus made / managed by fellow South African mommies.

If you are a mom, grandmother, aunt or anyone special in a little one’s life, have a look at this list – not only will you find a unique gift idea, you will find a present which will provide a special little being joy for months to come:

Quiet Book by Chuchi Baby Swag

Momtrepreneur, Sarah, specialises in custom made baby bags, nursery room linens, cloth nappies, quilts, quiet books, sensory toddler cubes and play mats. She designs and makes all of her products herself based on the customer’s specific theme and requirements. It’s easy to see that every piece is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. Her prices are fair and her service is excellent.

Chuchi Baby Swag 1            Chuchi Baby Swag 2

Pictures from the Chuchi Baby Swag Facebook page.

Activity Board by Nurture Nest

Nurture Nest is an online store specialising in maternity wear, baby products and educational toys. They have new and pre-loved products as well as a community section which  re-homes new and used baby goods and nursery equipment to charities and families in need. In addition, owner Kim, makes her own affordable custom activity boards: you can choose which accessories your child will like best (for example light switches, door handles, tv remotes or keys, to name a few) as well as the colour. Kim is reliable and she provides good quality products.

Nurture nest                       Nurture nest 2

Kids Book Club Subscription

I signed us up for this service a while back and simply love it. We get two age appropriate books, a backdated magazine, free downloadable activities and crafts as well as a themed carry bag every month. This subscription only costs R 160.00 a month and the service really is reliable.The positive effects of reading in children and adults have been well documented and this gift will enrich any child’s life.

Kids Book Club

Clever Activity Boxes by Skidz

Chantelle, owner of Skidz, together with other experts in early childhood development, created her range of Clever Activity Boxes when she wanted to help her own children reach their developmental milestones through play. Skidz is a home stimulation programme which has been packaged into 4 age related clever boxes. Each box contains a variety of age appropriate activities (including the toys and accessories needed for these activities) as well as a curriculum and a guide to help you create your own curriculum. This is such a fabulous gift, offering hours and hours of educational entertainment.

Skidz 2

Happy gifting!