Bean’s Moustache Bash

My Bean turned one a while ago and to celebrate this milestone (he has lived an entire year!) and because I love getting together with family and friends, we decided to throw a party!

Party Venue

We decided on Smile Cafe, a child friendly restaurant in Fourways, Johannesburg, with a large outdoor play area and a baby changing station. Their service is excellent and their food is yum!

_DSC5190 lores

Party Food

We ordered pizza and salad platters as well as kiddie snacks and party packs in advance. We also had buckets of wine and beer on the tables for the adults and juice and water for the kids.

_DSC5450 lores

Party Decor

The party theme was Little Man’s Moustache Bash, because there is nothing cuter than a toddler in suspenders, a bow tie and a little moustache! Smile Cafe arranged all the decor (with my guidance) as well as themed party packs and cupcakes.

_DSC5135 lores

_DSC5526 lores

_DSC5128 lores

Party Cake

My beautiful sister baked the delicious carrot cake.

_DSC5408 lores

Party Photographer

Lately, I insist on having a professional photographer on site for special occasions. I always get so involved in the actual party that I forget to take photos and I am always disappointed afterward when we have hardly any photos to look back on. Alke-Merique Photography is well -priced, professional and, best of all, they take great photos! They also brought a backdrop as well as props for a photo booth to match our party theme.

Untitled design (10)

A special thanks to all involved! We had a wonderfully fun afternoon.

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