Here you will find reviews of baby and toddler products as well as child friendly restaurants and venues by mom, Alexa, and her Bean.


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I was very blessed during my first pregnancy as I received a lot of practical gifts and ‘experienced-mom’ to ‘first-time-mom’ advice (it was needed, as I was completely clueless) and so, when my sister found out she was pregnant with her first little girl, I was determined to give her as many practical gifts and advice as possible. Shortly before her recent baby shower, however, I found myself in a baby clothing store (while out on a supposed grocery shopping trip), with a huge basket full of the cutest little baby clothes. I simply could not help myself – it was all just so adorable! And it was all so impractical!

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Moustache Bash

My Bean turned one a while ago and to celebrate this milestone (he has lived an entire year!) and because I love getting together with family and friends, we decided to throw a party!

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My Bean is turning 1 soon (too soon) and I have been racking my brain over the last couple of weeks as to what to get him as a gift. Being his parents, I want us to get him something special and unique and not simply another ‘run of the mill’ gift from a shop. I have therefore done some research on educational gifts which are unique and different. Being a work from home mom myself, I also want to support fellow momtrepreneurs and all the gift ideas listed below are thus made / managed by fellow South African mommies.

If you are a mom, grandmother, aunt or anyone special in a little one’s life, have a look at this list – not only will you find a unique gift idea, you will find a present which will provide a special little being joy for months to come.

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My beautiful sister is turning 30 and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have decided to go on a mini holiday together, (yay, our first beach holiday with Bean) and seeing as we are only going for a couple of days, we have decided to fly instead of drive. Flying of course means that we are limited in terms of luggage and so I have decided to set up a list of tips to consider when packing lightly as well as a list of essentials to pack to make travelling with a baby a little easier.

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